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Apps to Keep You on Track

Apps to Keep You on Track

A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen, but it doesn’t end there. You must keep every aspect in your life healthy and you will see so many changes in your mind and body. I am sure you have a smartphone, you are probably reading this on your smartphone, which is perfect because I have found three apps to keep your fitness ad eating habits on track.



This is the one stop shop for health apps. A pretty generic and easy app to use to keep track of all of your habits which include sleeping, healthy eating, fitness, water intake, and can help you keep track of how often you avoid the bad habits as well. It updates you with analytics of your behaviors and you can set rewards when you reach your goals for upkeeping your new healthy habits while ditching your old bad ones. It is personalized all to you and your lifestyle and can make keeping up healthy habits sort of like a fun game instead of a chore. This app is available for free on iOS as well as Android.


My Fitness Pal

This app is mainly for nutrition information but you can also record how often you workout and your water intake as well with it. Great for those you have no idea about nutrition, this app will tell you how many calories you should intake for you weight loss goals. Really simple to use as well you just input what you have eaten (even has a barcode scanner) and it will let you know the calories and nutritional information as well. It even shows you a calorie breakdown of carbs, fats, and proteins and how that should be divided up in your daily food intake. The app will not let you close out the day until you have eaten a healthy amount of calories for your body type as to not encourage under-eating. This app is also great if you have a FitBit because you can sync it up and it will place your exercise information on My Fitness Pal app it will add your food and water intake information into your FitBit app. This app is available on iOS and Android and is free, but for a small fee per month you can upgrade to premium for even more information and tools.



This is your personal nutritionist to bring with you any time you go food shopping. You may think something that you are buying at the store is healthy but you could be wrong, and ShopWell is here to help with that. This app is similar to My Fitness Pal in the fact that it is customizable to your lifestyle and will help you reach the goals that you set for yourself. Simply add in information about yourself and the lifestyle you want to live and ShopWell will help you from there. It also keeps track of things like food allergies or anything you may be trying to avoid for that matter. This app is available on iOS and Android and free to download.


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