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Five Perfect Produce in Season for the Summer

Five Perfect Produce in Season for the Summer

If you are anything like me, you might have had no idea about what produce is in season when. I often find myself in the store looking for that perfect produce product but can never seem to find what I had in mind when going to the store. Or, I find the item and it is not nearly as delicious as I remember. This is because I am never sure what kinds of produce are in season at any given time. If you find yourself to be in this situation then I am here to help. I have found a few summer produce items that are in season right now and have a few tips on how to prepare each item.



Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are delicious in the summer time. I remember as a child going to pick strawberries in the summer time and they always tasted better that way. If you happen to have access to fresh berries I highly suggest that you go out one day and pick them, you won’t regret it. While berries are a perfect snack all on their own, they can add the perfect extra little kick when placed in another dish. Check out this recipe for a salad that adds blueberries and strawberries with a raspberry vinaigrette for a beautiful and light lunch or dinner. Berries give your dish a little pop of color and a whole lot of flavor so be sure to utilize them this summer.


Bell Pepper

Yet another beautifully colored produce that is in season during the summer season. The bell pepper can add a little crunch to any dish. Bell peppers are also delicious when eaten alone. If you are trying to stay away from eating chips, then look no further than the bell pepper. A fresh cut up bell pepper is the perfect substitute for a chip and tastes amazing when dipped into hummus or guacamole, while still giving you that much needed crunch. Stuffed bell peppers are something that I have been raised on. Here is a recipe for stuffed bell peppers made with ground turkey that you can make for dinner one night. One fun part about the bell peppers are the different colors, so have everyone pick out their favorite colored pepper and create this dish for a cute personalized dinner.



There is not much that is more tasty than a juicy peach on a hot summers afternoon. A peach is one of my favorite fruits and as I have said before, made the mistake of buying these when they are not in season and they are nothing close to tasting how they do when they are in season. I urge you to buy peaches in the summer, like berries, they are a great snack to have buy themselves but can amp up other dishes as well. This fruit is not just for yogurts and sweets, it can pair beautifully with savory items as well. One thing I love to have is pork chops paired with cooked peaches and you can find the recipe to make this at home here. Don’t count peaches out when it comes to dinner, but also make sure you are buying them only in the summer months.



I have only in recent years become familiar with adding radishes to my dishes. While a raw radish adds a crisp crunch to a salad I have a little secret about the cooked radish if you have not already figured this one out for yourself. A cooked sliced radish is the perfect alternative for- potatoes! You may be skeptical but try it for yourself at home. A cooked radish tastes very similar to cooked potatoes. I am not kidding, they taste just like them. If the potato is something in particular you want to steer away from I encourage you to try this little hack for dinner or lunch, you will not regret it.



While the southerner in me would love to tell you all about fried okra, how great that is and to add that to every dish, this is a health blog so I will have to tell you about an alternative. Okra is a delicious veggie that you probably do not add to as many dishes as you could and should. This summer produce item is the perfect green veggie to exchange for your usual asparagus or green bean when those get a little repetitive. If you love fried okra as much as my family and I do then try out this simple roasted okra dish. It is much healthier but still packed with flavor and as I said before a nice little step in for your usual greens.


So, get them while they’re hot, well, fresh this summer. These produce items only have a few months of peak flavors so be sure to utilize them in your meals while you can!

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