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Meal Prep Made Easy

Meal Prep Made Easy

Do you ever find yourself getting home from work absolutely exhausted? It is so easy to pop something in the microwave or dial up your go to take-out restaurant when you’re tired after a long day of work. Not many can say that they rush home to stand by the stove and whip up a healthy meal for themselves when all they want to do is go to sleep. This is where meal prep can come in to save the day. Taking out one day, most people choose Sunday afternoon or evenings, to create all of your meals for the week in one sitting.


Meal prepping can be therapeutic. Make it about yourself. Take an hour or so out of your weekend to create delicious and healthy meals to heat up so when you get home from work for the day you don’t have anything to worry about. It can be fun, this is binge cook for goodness sakes, what is more binge cook esque than creating an entire week’s meal all at once? Below are ten tips by explained to help keep your meal prep as easy, simple, and fun as possible.


Tip #1 Have a Plan


Make sure you plan out exactly when you are going to be prepping your meals. Setting aside the same time each week is going to make sure that you stay on track and actually do the meal prep. Putting it aside or being sporadic with it will only make the process less enjoyable and more of a task for you, when it should be something to look forward to that will better yourself. Also be sure to know exactly what recipes you will be creating and have a list of all of the ingredients you need for that recipe. Which brings us to..


Tip #2 The Grocery List


Have a grocery list and be sure to not stray from that list. Make sure you have everything that you need on that list. Nothing is more frustrating than going to make the recipe and not having everything that you need, therefore having to go back to the store to get those items. This issue could cause you to forgo the meal prepping all together. Also STICK TO YOUR LIST. Do not stray from it. If you do not have it in your house you will not eat it. This is the easiest way to stay on track with your prep and to not eat any crap because if you do not have it, it is impossible to eat it.


Tip #3 Protein Shakes


If you are ever running low on time protein shakes are a great solution for a meal replacement. Find your favorite, recommends Shakeology. But if you’re ever in a crunch these are a lifesaver and they fill you up as well!


Tip #4 Keep your Snacks as Simple as Possible


Your meals are taken care of, but that is not all you will be eating throughout the day. Be sure to have snacks on hand but keep them as simple as possible. Larabars are delicious and easy, hard boiled eggs, whole fruits, veggies and hummus, and a handful of nuts are all great snacks to keep on hand for that mid-morning day evening (whatever time it may be) pick me up.


Tip #5 Cook all of Your Foods at the Same Time


This will be something you definitely want to follow as it will save you time and money. Cook everything in the same oven at the same time. This will help your meal prep go so much quicker and smoother.


Tip #6 Find Easier Ways to Cook Your Foods


Shortcuts can sound like a bad word, but in this case it will make your life easier. Pre Cut produce saves you time on cutting. Rotisserie chicken is precooked, get one of these so you don’t even have to take the time to cook your protein, it’s already prepared for you! Find little hacks to make your meal prep as easy as humanly possible.


Tip #7 Utilize Mason Jars


Ever seen those salads in a jar? They aren’t just for hipsters! This is a great way to store a salad with the dressing inside without the salad becoming soggy. There are also many other meals that can be stored in them as well. They are microwave safe and dirt cheap as well so I really don’t see a downside to these.


Tip #8 Shake Things Up


Don’t make the same meal every week for weeks on end. This will make you dread your meals and will cause you to stray from them altogether. Change it up each week with a new meal so that you can get excited about eating and making them and not hate it.


Tip #9 Storage


Mason jars are a great and cheap solution but they may not be able to hold everything you like, definitely utilize them but if you have the money you may want to invest in some nicer bigger tupperware. This will save space in your fridge and make it easy to heat up or eat on the go.


Tip #10 Keep it up


Don’t see this as a task. This is to better yourself. It can be fun, simple, and delicious as well. Stick with it and you will see results and you will feel so much better about yourself in the process.

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